Typical Weekend

    All weekends and holidays during the semester can be described in one word; guilt.  You will find that law school permeates your every thought.  No matter how hard you work, there is always more to do.  And when you're not working, you'll be feeling guilty since you know there is work you "should" be doing.
    It really is a terrible conundrum, and it will afflict you as well.  Invariably, law students end every week ranging from way behind to slightly behind.  Our law student then thinks I’ll just get caught up Friday afternoon and evening, then take the rest of the weekend off.  But by Saturday morning, our law student is not quite caught up yet, so I’ll just work Saturday morning, he thinks, then take the rest of the weekend off.  By mid-day Saturday the "catch-up" work is done.  Now our law student will take the rest of the weekend off, right?  Wrong.  Finally a chance to polish up on some weak spots and actually get a little bit ahead on a subject or two.  Next thing you know the weekend is gone and our law student has taken no time off.
    Bad, bad law student!  This modus operendi will not last for long.
You will rejuvenate.  If you don't find the time, your body will break and find the time for you.  There are moments, after many days of consecutive effort without a break, that you will look at the casebook and not be able to find the words.  The page may as well be blank.  It is then, in the middle of the week that you will take the time off to rest.  Only then, it's because you don't have a choice.
    Better to plan your time off, rather than have it find you when you're trying to prepare for classes - or worse yet, exams, which are right around the corner.  In law school you will have to accept the fact that you will never be as caught up as you would prefer.  That's the nature of this thing called law.
    And one more thing, have some fun while you’re at law school.  Remember the old saying, “You’re alive for a short time and dead for a long time”.