Hello!  The content of this site is the full text of my best selling ebook Law School: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get There.  The ebook has sold for years at BeforeLawSchool.com (a site that is now forwarding to this site).  I’ve decided to give away the information and will try to make money from the advertising.

I’m a recent graduate of the University of Idaho School of Law.  I applied to several law schools, was accepted at several, and chose Idaho for the small town and outdoor lifestyle.  The choice was the right one for me…I loved Idaho, made many lifelong friends during law school, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Since law school I’ve gotten married and my wife and I now live in Mississippi.  We were dislocated from New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.  I’m a stay at home dad – law school was EASY compared to the daily challenges of raising two small children (smile!).

If you want or need to speak with me you can contact me via email or call me at 515-473-8658.

TJ Moreland