Typical Day During the Week

    The alarm wakes you 2 hours before your first class.  You weren't planning on getting up at 6:00 a.m. but just couldn't get through all of the assigned material last night.  You sit down and brief the remaining cases and read the remaining assigned material.  During your work a friend calls to make sure you remembered that the Contracts Prof added a case not listed on the syllabus.  You had forgotten -- but no time to brief it now.
    You take a quick shower and grab a coffee and bagel on your way to Contracts.  You arrive and sit down, coffee getting cold.  While the clock ticks away you try to get a handle on the remaining case, just in case you're called on.  You sigh in relief when not called on and head off to Torts.  The Prof has gone off on a tangent not included in the days assignment, so more notes than usual.  Dang it, you think.  This is going to throw off my outline format.
    After torts you meet friends in the cafeteria and talk about the 1/2 price pizza you'll be enjoying tonight.  Then more classes.  After school ends for the day, you rush home to try to get your outlines updated and put a dent in tomorrow's material before the pizza get together.  You had planned to work out, but because of the pizza outing, there won't be time. 
    You're tired so get almost nothing done.  Off to pizza, where you and friends let off some steam.  Back home to bed thinking, I'm too tired now, I'll just get up early tomorrow and try to get through the material.  And on and on it goes.