Cost in Time and Money

The Time Part

    We've talked about the money, now let's discuss the time involved in obtaining a J.D. and becoming a lawyer.  Law school at a standard American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law school lasts three years.  Three years is a big commitment.  You may be thinking, yes but once those three years are up, I'm going to make a nice salary and be well on my way.  My response is, maybe you will make a nice salary.  I estimate that 80% of all graduates cannot count on much of a salary after law school.  Contrary to popular belief, law school does not completely prepare students for the practice of law.  Upon graduation, much learning is still required before obtaining competency as an attorney. 
    The bottom line is this; three years of law school may not accurately reflect the time commitment between a law student and a fine salary.  Five or more years may be a more accurate time frame.  Add that amount to the four years of undergraduate work you've already amassed and you have a significant time commitment.