Talk to Lawyers

    Talking to practicing lawyers should certainly be part of your investigation into the career.  If you know some lawyers, or know them through someone else, start there.  If not, call right out of the phone book.  Tell the secretary you are interested in attending law school and would like to make an appointment with the lawyer.  Another option would be to attend a local meeting of the Bar.  Call the Bar Association for the state in which you are currently residing, and they will then direct you as needed.  To locate your state’s Bar Association, go to and click on the first listing under your state’s name.     
    At Bar meetings you will meet many lawyers and perhaps some law students as well.  Have a set of questions formulated.  Questions that are important to you as well as some general questions regarding their opinion of law as a profession and why they feel that way.  Also, understanding their career paths will be helpful.
    You will be surprised to find out that many lawyers are unhappy in the profession.  Many will tell you they are currently looking for another career path.  Remain open to discussions that involve something other than law school.  Your open-mindedness will serve you better when the time comes to finally decide whether or not to pursue law.  The idea is not to consider your research complete the moment you hear what you want to hear - that law is the only way to go.