Talk to Law Students

    If you're currently a college student and the university you're attending has a law school or a law school is nearby, go talk to some of the students.  While you may be more inclined to talk to the faculty, I would suggest that course of action only after talking with students.  As mentioned previously, law school is a business, and the faculty will certainly encourage you to apply and attend.  After all, that's how they make their money.  The students, however, will be much more forthright in their statements concerning law school. 
    Don't talk to one or two students either, talk to several over the course of days if need be.  Or if that is prohibitive, ask the students for phone numbers such that telephone discussions can be had at a later date.  Also, talk to students at different stages in the process (e.g. 1L's, 2L's, and 3L’s).  Ask both the lawyers and the law students you speak to questions from our quiz that you find important.  For instance, do they find the work to be creative? How antagonistic is the work?  Are they happy with their decision to attend law school?  If not, why not?  Is there a lot of game playing at law school and in practice?