Study Groups

    As law school begins, you will notice a terrific clamor to put together study groups.  My unscientific opinion is that 80% of the groups with 4 or more members are not effective.  Many of the groups under 4 persons are likewise ineffective.  However, that's no reason to avoid study groups.  Strangely, study groups can offer an often-needed break from the law school regimen.
    Also, it’s an opportunity to share study techniques.  Study groups oftentimes utilize commercial flashcards to quiz the group on a subject.  Such quizzing can sometimes be helpful.
    In short, if you expect study groups to be an important addition to your study, you will likely be disappointed.  If you approach the study group environment as one where you all can let your hair down, get a little accomplished, and have some fun, you'll probably enjoy them.