Social Life

    The social life surrounding law school is wonderful!  There are golf tournaments, softball teams, ski trips and the like.  If organized events don't suit you, just the clannish environment of the shared experience can produce terrific times and great friendships.  Law school is like academic boot camp, and as such, has a tendency to pull people together.
    An unusually large percentage of every law school class is comprised of Type A personalities.  Garden variety Type A students are smart, accustomed to success, and work in a very focused, diligent manner.  
    Type A procrastinators on the other hand, do nothing half way and love the drama of waiting until the last possible moment to begin the work.  They eschew structure and normally are night owls (as is evidenced by their party regimen!).  If you’re hearing yourself in my description, your law school experience will produce some terrific stories, but may badly run you down.  
    Living the Type A procrastinator gamut may be exciting, but it's an emotional roller coaster.  Life requires balance and law school is no exception.
    That's not to say that Type A procrastinators will do poorly in law school.  On the contrary many are very talented and do well.  But if you find the lifestyle producing undesirable by-products, try on some structure.  Instead of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, you may want to try study, direction, and rest and relaxation.