Sit in on Some Law School Classes

    The movie The Paper Chase, while dated, does do a good job of displaying the in-class law school experience.  But nothing will provide the flavor like being there.  Ask at the administration desk if you might be allowed to sit in on a few classes.  One of the questions you might ask law students that you speak with is which professor is toughest in class.  They will immediately be able to produce at least a name or two.  Tell the law school administration folks that you would like to sit in on that professor's class as well as some others.  Without such direction, administration may guide you to the most innocuous class so as not to dissuade you from the law school experience.
    As you sit in class, take note of the papers in front of the students.  Does it look as though they are well prepared?  How much work did that preparation require?  As the professor questions a student on a case, ask yourself what that might feel like, if it were you.  Does the environment seem suited to your demeanor?