Thinking of Quitting?

Should I quit?
    At some point during law school, I would guess that nearly every student considers quitting.  Generally, quitting anything is a poor choice.  Remember, you probably put a good deal of thought into making your decision to attend law school.  If you didn’t, re-read the first chapter.  Further, whatever malady you’re suffering from now (not enough sleep, it's too hard, etc.), you likely knew would occur beforehand.  To quit would be to negate your planned efforts at law school.  The most important question to ask yourself at this point is the reason you are contemplating quitting.  Some of the reasons people want to quit are listed below:
•    It’s too hard. - If you want to quit because law school is hard, that’s probably a poor reason.  Life, in general, is hard. 
•    I hate being singled out in class. - A reason like I am being singled out in class is equally poor.  Everyone is being singled out in class, not just you. 
•    I have very poor grades. - This is a potentially good reason for quitting.  But don’t quit until you read this chapter's coverage of the paper course track.
•    I have realized law is not for me. - This is also a potentially good reason for quitting.  Ask yourself, “Is the practice of law like law school?”
•    I have discovered what I really want to do with my life. - This also is a potentially good reason, but beware the Bouncing Around Syndrome.  Are you a person who is habitually changing your mind and quitting?  Do you find what you want to do with your life about once a year?  Maybe it's time you stuck something out even though it's uncomfortable.  You might find a new self-respect having hung in there through a tough circumstance.