2. Preparing to Attend Law School: The Maze Unraveled


    Congratulations on your decision to attend law school!  You are well on your way to joining a profession with a long history of service to humanity. 
    There's a lot to be done in order to be admitted into law school.  Further, the admitting process will last several months.  You'll need to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test), sign up with LSDAS (Law School Data Assembly Service), get letters of recommendation arranged, fill out applications, and much more.  This chapter will get you started in that direction.
    The very first thing you should do is look at the calendar.  If the calendar says there's 8 months or less until the August matriculation, and you haven't yet taken the LSAT, you will not likely be entering law school in the upcoming fall.  If you've given yourself 12 months or more, then you're in great shape.