Your Health

    During law school you will watch some of your once thin classmates take on new girth.  Others will lose weight due to the stress.  You will see faces once replete with color, go pale.
    Law school is not a sprint; it's more like a marathon.  As such, it requires you to take a mental approach that reminds you of the fact that law school will go on for quite some time.  I would imagine there are many long practicing lawyers throughout this country who, during law school, gave up on exercise programs and good eating habits because they "didn't have time for that sort of thing" and still haven't found the time.
    Health isn't about convenience.  No one on their death bed ever said "thank goodness I didn't bother taking care of myself."  Exercise has a calming effect.  Exercise has anti-depressive qualities.  Exercise promotes good health.  There are studies available to support those conclusions.
    At times, all the coughing and sniffling makes law school seem more like a doctor’s waiting room.  Law students are frequently sick.  There can be little doubt that the stress of the academia contributes.  Exercise and good eating habits can act as a buffer against the stress related crud that will be going around.