Your Fellow Students

    One of the surprises of law school is finding out that the undergrad GPA you are so proud of is either topped or equaled by nearly all of your classmates.  Same goes for your LSAT score.  While you may have been a big fish in a small pond as an undergrad, in law school you're just another highly qualified student.  For the most part, everyone at law school is as qualified to do the work as you are. 
    If single, you will also likely discover that you find one or more of those highly qualified folks attractive!  Romance in law school is common for all the understandable reasons.  There's only one caution that needs to be addressed here.  That caution is this: should the relationship not work out, you and the person you don't find so attractive anymore, will find yourselves inescapably in close proximity to one another for the remainder of your law school tenure.  If the two of you break up at the end of the first year, there will be two more long years of seeing one another nearly every day.