Exam Day

    Don't wait until the night before the exams to try out a sleep aid drug you've never used before!  The results could be less than desirable if that drug has an unexpected affect on you. 
    So if you think you may have trouble sleeping the night before the exam and plan to use a drug, try out the sleep aid drug you plan to use weeks before the exam to test your reaction to the drug.
    Substantially changing your routine just because "today is exam day" is probably not a good idea.  So if you normally eat a big breakfast and have two cups of coffee, exam day is not the time to decide that you won't drink that coffee because it might interfere with your thinking.  Nor would it be a good idea to skip breakfast because you're particularly nervous.  Try to keep things the same.
    You may want to set more than one alarm the night before.  Not so much because the electricity might go out, but because you will likely ruminate about that remote possibility and interfere with the sleep you otherwise would get.  If you don't get much sleep the night before the exam, don't worry about it.  You'll be able to run on adrenaline alone.
    Other than that, there's no real magic to exam day.  You either know the law by exam day, or you don't.  Last minute study will probably only deprive your mind of some much needed relaxation prior to it's intense work.  Go to the restroom just before entering the exam room.  Bring water, a sweater for temperature changes, and earplugs or a headset if you're sensitive to noise disruptions.  People tend to make the strangest noises when under very stressful conditions.
    When the proctor signals start time, turn the exam over and take a look.  But don't start writing immediately.  Get your self situated and take some deep breaths.  Outline your answer!  If you just start spilling your guts, you'll end up with a sloppy mess for an exam.