Exam Aids

    There are books, audio content, and programs that claim to help improve exam writing skills.  I can tell you that there is nothing in law school more important than being able to write good exams.
    Your grade will have nothing to do with the law you know.  Your grade will have everything to do with the law you know that you get onto the paper, properly applied to the facts, in an organized fashion.  The law you know that stays in your head or the law badly applied won't help you.
    Before you sign up for an expensive exam writing program though, you should ask for references and then call on those folks for their opinion.
    Lastly, I would caution you to be wary of books, programs, etc., that make exaggerated promises.  You will probably have to examine different products and think hard about what you need and how the product will fill that need.  Knowing how you learn and where your learning weaknesses are will prove more valuable in selecting a product than picking the first product you come across because they "guarantee you'll make law review or your money back" (you'd better read the fine print!).
    Learning the law thoroughly, becoming comfortable with a formatted writing style and writing out as many practice exams as you can is likely your best offense.