Bar Preparation Companies

Believe it or not, after three years of law school and untold thousands of dollars spent on a legal education, you will probably be taking an expensive course to prepare for the Bar Exam. 
    Most students take some form of Bar prep.  The Bar prep courses claim to give the Bar taker a synthesized version of what law will be required in order to pass the exam.  But no matter how synthesized, the volume of material to remember is staggering.  States differ.  However, you will be learning about 16 subjects for the Bar Exam.
    The two major Bar prep companies are Bar/Bri and Micro Mash.  Micro Mash is not available in every jurisdiction.  Bar/Bri offers in-class training at select locations as well as taped lectures for those wanting to study from home.  Micro Mash is less expensive than BarBri.  The Micro Mash plan is computer and book-based, and also connects the student with a mentor for personalized feedback.

    Micro Mash

    Also, FindLaw ( has a comprehensive list of Bar Review companies located at