There will be very few required courses from here on out.  Most of you will be taking courses that are tested on the state Bar Exam where you plan to practice.  Your law school will recommend a generalized curriculum that will hit the significant courses tested by most state Bar Exams. Remember, each state is in control of admitting lawyers to practice in their jurisdiction and each state has somewhat different requirements. 
    If you don't know what subjects are tested by the state where you plan on practicing or if you are unsure which state you will practice in, then go to  The BarBri site lists the subjects tested on the Bar in each state and also gives the mailing address, phone number and web site for each state’s Board of Law Examiners.  If you don’t have web access call BarBri at 1-888-3BARBRI and ask that they mail you the BarBri Digest.
    Remember, the state’s Board of Law Examiners (or the equivalent) is the entity you should rely on for the final say on subjects tested on the Bar and other requirements for becoming a lawyer in that jurisdiction.  BarBri is a provider of legal products and services and is not involved with state Bar membership rules.