3. The 1L Year (first year of law school): What You're Up Against and How to Succeed


    You've arrived!  By now many of you have had to haul all your stuff to a new city and into a new place.  You've had to set up utilities, sign leases, and figure out where things are in town – all done with a nervous sort of knot in your stomach.  You may even be asking yourself what in the heck you were thinking when you decided on law school.  Relax, it's all going to be Okay.  If you don't know anybody, trust me, you won't be a stranger in town for long.  Law school is a sort of academic boot camp.  Trying times tend to pull people together.  You'll make friends very quickly.
    Get your furniture together, put your favorite pizza parlors delivery phone number on your speed dialer, and get ready to attend orientation.